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Roof Repair vs. Replacement: Making the Right Choice

It doesn’t take a math genius to understand why most homeowners would rather have their roofs repaired than replaced — the numbers speak for themselves. While roof repairs can set you back anywhere between $150 and $8,000 (with an average cost of $1,150), most homeowners lay down $15,000 to $28,000 for a complete tear-off and roof replacement.

You’d rather keep that money in your pocket, right?

Deciding between roof repair & roof replacement gets more complicated than looking at the upfront costs, however. To make a smart investment decision, you also have to consider how long your repaired roof will hold up, and what kind of wider property damage you could be hit with if you don’t replace your roof in time.

Deciding Between Roof Repair & Roof Replacement: A Quick Checklist to Point You in the Right Direction

Making the right choice starts with a fact-finding mission. Are you wondering if your roof can be repaired or you need a complete roof replacement? Would you like to know what to look out for if you’re house hunting? Start with easy “roof inspection tips” as you give your roof a quick once-over:

  • How old is the roof, and which roofing materials were used? Is it close to its “expiration date,” or has the roof already outlived its expected lifespan? (For asphalt shingle roofs, the expected lifespan is generally 20 to 30 years.)
  • Does the roof have signs of water damage? What about the internal walls and ceiling?
  • Are the shingles, roof tiles, or other roofing materials cracked, warped, or curled? Are there any missing roofing materials? Are entire rows of shingles missing, or just a few? Are there impact marks from hailstones or flying debris?
  • If the roof has asphalt shingles, are the granules intact or have they been worn down by the weather?
  • Is the roof deck sagging or “waving?”
  • Is the property up to code with its current roof?
  • How is the flashing holding up? Is it loose or bent?
  • Are there any signs of pests?
  • Are moss, algae, or other vegetation growing on the roof?
  • Are the gutters and downspouts fully functional, or are there signs of damage, including pooling water?
  • Are there signs of mold or mildew in your home?
  • Have your energy costs recently shot up, without any clear explanation?

The more signs of problems you spot, the higher the chance that opting for a roof replacement is the more cost-effective choice in the long term. If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, one more remains. Have you had a professional roof inspection, and what did your roofers recommend?

When to Repair Your Roof

Roof repairs should be your go-to option if your roof is nowhere near the end of its expected lifespan, there is no structural damage, and your roofing materials are up to code. In the ideal roof repair scenario, your insulation, substrate, and roofing materials are energy efficient, so you don’t have an incentive to replace your roof early.

Even extensive roof repair projects, which can cost thousands of dollars, can be a smart investment. The question to ask in those cases is this — will the repairs restore your roof fully, and will they save you money in the long run?

When to Replace Your Roof

It may, on the other hand, be time to replace your roof if it’s at least 20 years old and has suffered extensive damage. There may be structural damage to the roof deck, and heat is no longer retaining well in your property.

Opting for roof repair would not give you the safe, sturdy, and energy-efficient roof you need, and your roofing materials have deteriorated beyond repair. If the roof was poorly installed in the first place, that’s another great sign that you should seriously think about a roof replacement.

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