Welcome to Keller, Texas, a town where art and culture flourish, in the midst of the life of the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area. Throughout this adventure we’ll delve into the array of galleries that provide a glimpse into Kellers essence and its neighboring regions. From art studios to artistic venues these galleries serve as hidden gems of artistic expression just waiting to be uncovered.


Elm Street Studio; A Hub for Community Art

At the core of Kellers art community lies Elm Street Studio, a beacon for artists and art lovers since its establishment in 2012. More than a gallery this studio serves as a hub where individuals of all ages can participate in art classes and camps. Elm Street Studio is renowned, for its community exhibitions that beckon visitors to immerse themselves in a realm of marvels. Whether you seek to appreciate the displays or refine your artistic talents Elm Street Studio extends an open invitation for you to become part of their vibrant community.


Exploring Beyond Keller;

Exploring Artistic Delights

While Keller itself provides a backdrop, for endeavors the neighboring areas host a variety of galleries each with its own distinct charm;

Speak Easy in Fort Worth is a popular destination for art enthusiasts offering a diverse collection of artworks that resonate with the observers emotions​​.
With 14 years of history Cheekys Art in Southlake serves as a platform for artists to showcase their imaginative talents​​.
Artfully Happy in Roanoke invites individuals to engage in painting and drawing classes ideal for those seeking creative expression through art​​.
Blue Pomegranate Gallery in Southlake stands out for its accessibility and diverse collection that captivates every visitor​​.


In Closing; A Creative Expedition Awaits

The galleries within and around Keller, TX epitomize the regions vibrant cultural scene providing both locals and tourists an opportunity to immerse themselves in the realm of art. From the inviting ambiance at Elm Street Studio to the offerings at galleries across the area there is always something stimulating to uncover. As we celebrate these hubs of creativity we also recognize the contributions of businesses, like Qualis Roofing & Construction that enhance the communitys colorful fabric.


A heartfelt thank you from all of us at Qualis Roofing & Construction for diving into our guide to Keller, TX.


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