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Qualis Roofing & Construction specializes in building resilient and beautiful residential and commercial roofs. Our company’s commitment to Plano residents extends beyond construction to proactive maintenance services that ensure the roof over your head will last.

With over seven decades of cumulative experience, our company’s skilled roofers are guided by a clear philosophy. We’re here to lend our Texan neighbors a helping hand whenever their roof is in trouble. Period.

Are you looking for a reputable roofing contractor in Plano, TX? Qualis takes pride in offering reliable and transparent roofing services so that homeowners never have to be in the dark about timelines or projected costs. We are GAF-certified, have an A+ BBB rating, and carry comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind.

Our roofing services cover all the essentials:

Our Qualis roofers also stand ready with 24-hour emergency roof repair services, because when the unexpected happens in Plano, you need an experienced hand to mend your roof as soon as possible.

The Roofing Systems We Install

Plano, TX, homeowners can choose from a diverse range of roofing systems. As you gear up for a roof replacement, we hope you know that there’s no technical reason to opt for the same material again. Our GAF-certified roofing team expertly installs a variety of different GAF roofs — and the roofing choice that takes your home into a brand new age is on the list!

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are among the most commonly chosen roofing materials in Plano and all over the country. Because GAF shingles are available in a vast range of styles and colors, they’re a perfect fit for nearly every property. Our roofing contractors can install these affordable shingles in record time, and our company will help you choose the right style and color.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is robust, low-maintenance, and visually striking. Their weather-resistant properties make metal roofing materials a great pick for many Texan homeowners, and while not every roofing company installs metal roofing, Qualis Roofing & Construction is up for the job.

Slate Tiles

Slate roof tiles are a beautiful natural option that outlasts just about any other roof. Plano homeowners interested in the construction of a new slate roof can count on Qualis roofing contractors to get the job done well.

Clay Tiles

Homeowners considering clay tiles may discover that not every Plano roofing company is well-versed in the installation of this material, but our seasoned roofers specialize in laying these beautiful and extremely weather-resistant roofing systems.

Wood Roofing

Plano homeowners who love the idea of insulating, high-end roofing with a whimsical twist may explore wood shingles or shakes. Despite being more high-maintenance, these roofs have an impressive lifespan.

Concrete Roofs

Interlocking concrete roof tiles are now available in a range of colors, giving you a sturdy roof ready for any weather. Our company sources high-quality concrete roofing from reputable manufacturers.

TPO Roofing

As a single-ply roofing membrane system with a reflective surface, TPO roofing — typically used in commercial roofing projects — is heat-resistant and energy-efficient. Qualis is one of the leading TPO roofing contractors in the area.

Flat Roofing

While flat roofing systems like EPDM, modified bitumen, and PVC have long been a go-to option for commercial buildings in Plano, residential homes with modern architectural styles and flat roofs also call for this option.

Residential Roofing

Are you looking for a local roofing contractor you can trust? Our Plano residential roofing company brings over seven decades of experience and a hearty dose of roofing passion to the table. We have earned an A+ BBB rating and have full insurance, but we don’t just tick boxes. We’re here to serve.

We’re here if you need an annual roof inspection or are diligent about gutter and roof cleaning. If your aging roof is showing signs it needs to be replaced, our company will guide you through the process — and when unforeseen circumstances force you to call a roofing contractor for repairs, the Qualis team is at your service.

While the majority of our roofing projects are residential, Qualis is fully equipped to handle commercial roofing projects with the same level of excellence.

Unwavering Commitment to Service

Regardless of the size and scope of your roofing project, our veteran roofers maintain high industry standards and ensure your needs are fully met. We know a missing shingle can be just as important as a roof replacement, and we’ll always give your Plano roof our full attention.

Respect and Professionalism

Engaging a Plano roofing company can be a disruptive experience, but our roofers go above and beyond to ensure we don’t bother you (or your neighbors!) too much. Our craftsmen prioritize cleanliness and efficiency. We’ll be out of your hair before you know it, leaving you with a secure roof and a smile on your face.

Trust and Transparency

With hundreds of successful roof installation and construction projects in our rearview, alongside countless roof repair jobs, Qualis knows how important relationships are in the roofing business. Our company’s fully qualified, licensed, and experienced roofers are happy to answer any questions you may have, and our roofing contractors always keep their Plano customers posted on our progress.
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A roofing company specialized in roof repair in Dallas, providing quality services to fix leaks and damages, depicted against a green background with a small square in the middle.

Roof Replacement & Installation

Are you getting ready for a roof replacement and installation? We wholeheartedly believe that you deserve to be excited about your new roof. That’s why we don’t stop at assessing your aging roof, stripping it, and expertly installing your chosen roofing solution. We also aim to make the experience a stress-free one.

Here’s what sets us apart from other Plano roofing companies:

  • At Qualis, we believe that customers who hire a roofing contractor should be fully informed and in charge of the decision-making process. Ask any questions you like about our installation process — because we’ll always answer them in as much detail as you need.
  • Our contractors are trained to install GAF roofing systems, so you can trust that your new roof is durable and protected by the extensive GAF warranty period.
  • Since being registered with the BBB, we have earned an A+ rating and a five-star review score with the BBB.
  • Our insurance protects your home and our workers while we’re working on your TX roof.
  • Our roofing company has roof construction down to an art. Our roofers are efficient and precise. We don’t take shortcuts in our commercial and residential projects because we know your roof should serve you for decades to come.
  • Qualis doesn’t just specialize in outstanding roof replacements. We also make sure your roofing materials are the best in the business. As one of the leading Plano roofing contractors, we work with respected manufacturers offering extensive warranties.
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A roofing company specialized in roof repair in Dallas, providing quality services to fix leaks and damages, depicted against a green background with a small square in the middle.

Roof Maintenance

Protecting your family and your Plano home requires a proactive approach that includes regular roof inspections and roof maintenance work. Experienced roofing contractors can get the job done in no time, while covered by comprehensive insurance.

Qualis offers roof maintenance services in Dallas and beyond, designed to extend your roof’s lifespan in Plano, TX, and the surrounding areas. The services we offer include:

  • Meticulous roof inspections
  • Gutter and roof cleaning services
  • Routine roof repairs

Emergency Roof Repair

Addressing minor roof repairs promptly goes a long way toward avoiding costly and extensive repairs later. At Qualis Roofing & Construction, we are proud to offer emergency repairs whenever you need them. Plano residents looking for roof repair services in Dallas and the DFW Metroplex can count on our roofing company’s 24-hour time frame.

Storm Restoration Services

When the Texas weather threatens your residential or commercial roof’s longevity, Qualis will come to your rescue with our storm restoration services when you need roofing contractors at short notice. Our roofers will swoop in to repair leaks, replace missing and damaged shingles, and address problems with sagging, damaged gutters, or granule loss. We prioritize the safety and protection of your home, and our insurance coverage reflects that strong commitment.

A roofing company specialized in roof repair in Dallas, providing quality services to fix leaks and damages, depicted against a green background with a small square in the middle.
  • Superior workmanship. Our workmanship is guaranteed to impress even the most discerning of clients.
  • Attention to detail. We use only high-quality materials for our roofing and building projects and we never cut corners.
  • Client-focused solutions. We go above and beyond in making sure all project requirements are met, including timelines, specifications, and costs.
  • Outstanding customer care. We take pride in our commitment to delivering unmatched service and support for every project we take on.
  • Our accolades speak for themselves. With 400+ 5-star reviews across the board, you can trust hundreds of satisfied customers that you’re in capable hands. We’re also proud owners of both the Angie’s List Super Service Award and HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award.
  • Our accolades speak for themselves. With 400+ 5-star reviews across the board, you can trust hundreds of satisfied customers that you’re in capable hands. We’re also proud owners of both the Angie’s List Super Service Award and HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award.
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The Qualis Advantage: Get a Free Estimate Today

Whether you need an annual roof inspection, a roof replacement, or routine maintenance, the Qualis team is here to serve you and your family. In times of crisis, our 24-hour emergency roof repair service is always prepared to offer assistance.

Contact us to discover how we can help, and take advantage of a free quote when you’re ready.

About Plano, TX

Part of the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex, Plano is nestled approximately 20 miles north of downtown Dallas. While Historic Downtown Plano is famous for its charming brick streets, beautiful historic buildings, and exciting restaurants, residents looking for a modern shopping experience may prefer the Shops and Legacy, which offers upscale facilities.

Plano offers plenty to do for nature lovers, too, as the city has two nature reserves. Arbor Hills and Oak Point are home to challenging biking and hiking trails and stunning views. Oak Point has a lovely lake perfect for relaxing weekends.

Those hoping to dive into Plano’s past glory should pay the Interurban Railway Museum in Historic Downtown Plano and the Heritage Farmstead Museum a visit. The Farmstead Museum lets people enjoy an authentic glimpse into the history of farming in Northern Texas, making it great fun for the whole family.

While Plano is known for being safe, family-friendly, and rich in recreational activities, Plano and the surrounding areas can fall victim to severe weather events that include storms, hailstorms, heavy rainfall, and tornadoes.

Savvy homeowners should always have a reputable roofing contractor on speed dial — and the Qualis team is happy to help.

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